Beyond The Crimson Throne

by Blessed Black

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doomcrew This band has been on my radar since 2018. New album was so worth the wait.Blessed Black Delivers. For fans of c.o.c, sword and any other stoner doom bands that kick 🤘ss!
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𝔩𝔬𝔲𝔡-𝔮𝔲𝔦𝔢𝔱-𝔩𝔬𝔲𝔡 If 2020 has begun with a bang, echoing deep within the sunken chambers of rock and metal, the discharge may well have originated in Ohio. Debutants Blessed Black have authored a sonic manifesto that calls for the most rampant of riffs, gargantuan of grooves and subject matter that allows master of ceremonies Joshua Murphy to excel amid the rhythmic tempest. Predominantly a doom-based recipe, 'Beyond the Crimson Throne' harbors several aural additives, deftly infused. Hail to the Crimson King! Favorite track: The Black Gate.
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released January 17, 2020


all rights reserved



Blessed Black Cincinnati, Ohio

Joshua Murphy

Chris Emerson

Ray Bates

Jens Nielson

Riffs Forever
Forever Riffs

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Track Name: The Black Gate
Across the barren wastelands Never to return
Out beyond the dragon isles This fire burns
Endlessly you wander
Trying to escape
Memories of those you loved Who all have died in vain

This cursed blade will make you strong But itʼs not meant to last
It will fade before long
Time will kill us all
The ruby throne will sit empty
as your empire falls

All these years have gone by You never cease to roam
too late to turn back now Nothing left to call your own
Your destiny is unsure
Guided only by fate
Go now to meet the chaos lords Beyond the black gate
Track Name: Heavy is The Crown
Every move that youʼve made since the day you were born
Will be watched, and be judged this cannot ever be undone.
The sickness
is inside your blood
Itʼs a weakness
You must overcome

If you want to sit on the throne then you must
Find some way to prove your worth
You must find a way to gain trust
And show us that you deserve.
Track Name: The Shadows
You sat
And you watched
and you passed
your judgement upon me
Spinning truths throwing stones
From inside your house made of glass
You thought you could hide in the shadows and I
wouldn't notice
Your efforts have failed
and my eyes are opened at last

I saw
Right through you
Much more
Than you realized

Now that youʼve tried and youʼve failed
to make me something Iʼm not
Youʼve shown that you only ever really cared for yourself
You waited and plotted
to turn your back upon me
You thought I would fail
and youʼd take what is rightfully mine

Yes I saw
Right through you and much more
The depth of your lies

Now youʼre broken down
on the inside
I know what youʼve become.
You try to hide
But Iʼll always find you
No matter where you run

Through youʼve run
So far
You can never
Escape what you are
Track Name: Arioch's Bargain
I hear you crying out to me
Calling me forth
Tragedy is your destiny
There is no remorse
Your world now opens up to me
Chaos will reign
I am now reaching out to you
To end all your pain

I'm known by many names
You know them well
Lord of the Seven Darks
of the Higher Hell

I'll give you what you seek
You are now bound to me
The oath will never break
This is the choice you made
The cost it must be paid

Watching the ones surrounding you
Deal with the pain
That comes from being close to you
Will it be in vain
You do not seem to realize
What you have done
You will have given everything
Before we're done

Your legacy is blood
Sorrow your fate
Nowhere to point the blame
Only you remain
Track Name: Finding The Limits
Come before me now
Down on your knees
You must submit yourself
To me completely

Your will to serve
May bend, but not break
We will find out
Just how much you can take

Now you've found your place
Bound and displayed.
Soon you will find yourself
Begging for release

You feel yourself
Start to tremble and ache
And now we know
Just how much you can take
Track Name: Stormbringer
In darkness
I slumber
For the white wolf.
Trap them
The power
Transferred into you.

Eternal we can wander forever
Together across these lands
An alliance between us
Forged in battle from the souls of the damned

We now
We struggle
For control
will it be you or I
The hunger
Blood will be spilled by your hand

Stories will be told
Of the days to come
Spread throughout the kingdoms
When we are laid to rest
We will welcome death
As Champion eternal

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